Office Space

Ground Floor

Office Size  
G1 430 sqft LET
G2 420 sqft LET
G3 1540 sqft
G4 270 sqft LET
G5 322 sqft LET

First Floor

Office Size  
F1 401 sqft LET
F2 269 sqft LET
F3 269 sqft LET
F4 355 sqft LET
F5 355 sqft LET
F6 624 sqft LET
F7 613 sqft LET
F8 377 sqft LET
F9 366 sqft LET
F10 366 sqft LET
F11 344 sqft LET

Second Floor

Office Size  
S1 401 sqft LET
S2 269 sqft LET
S3 269 sqft LET
S4 303 sqft LET
S5 290 sqft LET
S6 624 sqft LET
S7 613 sqft LET
S8 377 sqft LET
S9 258 sqft LET
S10 226 sqft LET
S11 260 sqft LET
S12 359 sqft LET

Ground Floor First Floor Second Floor

Customised office space can be rented as open plan by request, office space available from 270 to 6,000 sqft.

Site Plan